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About Anthony

Medium, Intuitive, and Psychic, Accurate Readings.  Connect with the Departed
Anthony Vatuna has been blessed with a connection to angels and spirit and aspires to help any soul, any way he can. He resides in the United States (New Jersey) with his three beautiful children, and is surrounded by love and light. Below is a little bit about how he started his life’s work…

One night when he was 16 and at a low point in his life, Anthony was lying in bed and saw a beautiful angel come out of his closet; this was a visual he had never seen before or even knew existed. The angel came closer to him and touched his face. From that moment on, Anthony was never the same. This was the beginning of a spiritual awakening and a wonderful journey.  His spiritual journey accelerated once he was in his late 20's where he began to feel, see, and receive messages from spirit. He also found that he could see and communicate with those who passed on.  Anthony started to see and hear angels again, but now on a more regular basis.  People started asking him questions about their past, their future and connecting with those that left this world. He found that he could actually help people with the messages he would receive from spirit guides, angels and in many cases from those who were deceased. He soon then after realized that he could see people's past lives –from what they looked like, to what actually happened to them in those lives.

Medium, Intuitive, and Psychic, Accurate Readings.  Connect with the Departed
“Over the last many years I have been so blessed to expand and grow from this work. I have done countless readings for so many kinds of people in so many different life situations.  I have seen how these readings can change a person’s life. I have also seen how changing our perspectives can open a door to hope and healing.  I do this work from the brightest part of the light through prayer and my guides.”

Anthony travels all over the world and serves as a Spiritual Medium, Healer and Teacher. He works with people from all walks of life and of every religion. All his readings are confidential and personal to each individual he works with.

“I feel blessed to be able to help people in this way and work with spirit”.
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