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About Past Life Readings

Past Life Readings: What they are and why they can be useful:

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We are all  presently living in the worlds of karma and reincarnation. We are in fact spiritual beings, and the reason most of us have come to the Earth plane is to have the human experience; and some have come here to help further other people’s  experiences and/or lessons.  The purpose for every being (human and/or spiritual in all lives past, present and future) is to refine the character of our souls so that we can become better co-workers with spirit. 

The human experience is the greatest teacher of truth as it pertains to Karma. Karma is the principle of cause and effect, action and reaction, total cosmic justice and personal  responsibility; another words Karma is the concept that "as you sow" in this  lifetime, "so also shall you reap" in this and in other lifetimes.  

The hope is that in past lives we all determined what did and didn’t work and strived to be the best version of ourselves. If we can do this in every life as we go through our many lives, this can help us discover and develop ourselves, leading to greater levels of love and awareness. This ultimately makes us closer workers with spirit and a contributor to the collective experience. If we don’t learn our karmic lessons in any given life, we will continue to repeat certain experiences and/or scenarios in different ways until we become the solution. The things that can help one achieve karmic lessons are patience, forgiveness and ultimately acceptance –of ourselves and of others. Our reactions to any given event contributes to and becomes the future creations we experience. 

Revelations of who we were in previous incarnations are given to us or not given to us for good reason. You may ask “why can’t I remember all of my past lives?” It is Anthony’s belief that it is a kindness from spirit that has us forget,  because our minds wouldn’t be able to handle all the details and memories. With that said, getting a reading about particular past lives can give you perspective on current situations you may be in -as a result of karma created in another life. It may also comfort you to see that you have been through something before or can remind you of your true essence and self. In many cases, it can open a door for hope and healing.