Spiritual Readings By Anthony

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E-Mail Readings

Readings By Email are affordable, convenient and give you a written record that you can review and use to help guide you.

Lead times-   Questions and General Readings:  9 business days 

                                Specialty readings  12 Business Days   

If you have an urgent matter please see menu for Expedited Two Question Reading by Email delivered in 24 hours. 

Once you have placed your order please Email your Name, Date of Birth and questions to earthspirit72@hotmail.com 

A Paypal account is NOT required for purchase, once you choose "BUY NOW" you can then click on "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"  then enter card info.   You may need to scroll down to see the guest checkout.   If you have any issue making payment or for alternative payment methods please Email Anthony at earthspirit72@hotmail.com

Specific Question Readings Delivered by E-mail

These will include questions about the future, predictions and guidance.  Many clients ask Anthony about love, relationships, family, health, finances, career, business, spiritual path and more. 

One question spiritual reading by E-mail
Two question spiritual reading by Email  $35.00
Three question spiritual reading by Email $45.00

Six question spiritual reading by Email $85.00

Expedited Two Question Spiritual Reading by Email, Delivered in 24 hours $72.00 

 Your two questions by Email delivered in 24 hours.   ***Add the word "Urgent" to your email subject. Excludes Sundays and holidays

General Reading By Email for those with no Specific Questions.  $50.00 

This reading will bring information through for you at this time relating to love, money, health and spiritual path and more. A few follow up questions for clarity are welcome.  Please Email date of birth. 


Introduction to Your Spirit Guides and Angels Reading  $60  

This reading will introduce you to your guides and angels which are working with you. It will cover a description of appearance, who they are, and when they lived. They will often include a name they wish to be called or be known as. There will be messages from them about your spiritual path and development. The reading will also include information on how you can build clear communication with them and begin to have them assist you on your path in a more direct way. Please Email date of birth. 

Specialized Readings

Brief Mediumship, Connecting with those who have died. Departed souls and messages from Angels regarding loss.   Connecting with the deceased.   $60  Delivered in 12 business days

This is the only reading offered for connecting to specific souls who have crossed over. Although they do often come through in other kinds of readings. There is no guarantee the specific departed will come through and if there is no connection or if there is not enough information your money will be promptly refunded. Your Guides, Angels and other spirits around you will often send additional messages and make themselves known to you in these readings as well. Please include your name and date of birth and the name and date of birth of the person you hope to have come through. A question or two is ok



Past Life Reading by Email with 2 Questions related to past lives. $90
This past life reading provides brief, short scenes and descriptions of some previous lives and lessons your soul has experienced. Sometimes it is more in depth about one life depending on what spirit brings through for purposes of healing. It may include Some information about your current life and path. It may reveal the number incarnations you have had on earth and offer some other information about the kind of lives your soul has experienced.? Ask two questions you have about past lives. Email your date of birth before the reading. Past life lead time 12 business days.