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Spiritual Mentoring and Development

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If you feel you would like to explore and develop your own Intuitive or psychic abilities, Anthony offers one on one mentoring sessions. These sessions go beyond just connecting to spirit; he can show you how to manifest the highest possibilities in your life and in this world. This mentoring can also be adapted to project the proper energy to reach goals, attract situations and to be at peace in the now.

The intentions and goals set initially will be critical in the outcome of the sessions. As the mentoring starts, it will be further directed by Spirit and each person’s unique path. Each person operates at a different level, spiritual vibration, and wiring of the mind. With the above in mind, Anthony creates a learning path that is right for each individual he works with. As a result of this opportunity, many people go on to practice on their own, teach others, or simply have a more personal connection to spirit.

If you wish to know who and what you are beyond the name and body that you were given in this lifetime, connect with the oneness, or start to develop a relationship with your guides and angels, then this could be right for you. With positive intention and commitment, you can learn to trust the subtle signs and messages spirit is trying to deliver every day. You can be at peace with life events and circumstances. You can then manifest and deliver the highest of possibilities into your life.

If you are interested in mentoring, Anthony recommends that you get an Introduction to your Guides and Angels email reading as a starting point. You could also schedule an initial mentoring session via Skype of Phone so that you can discuss your needs and aspirations further.

Spiritual development is a process of the mind surrendering to the truth of who and what you are, and to the true reality in which you exist. It is those realized truths that some call enlightenment. - Spirit through Anthony Vatuna