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What my Clients Say

“I just wanted to "thank You" for the best reading I have ever gotten in my life and I have been a seeker since I was a young girl. You gave me reassurance from the first sentence you spoke and I knew then and there you were the real deal. How fortunate for me to have found you and how fortunate for all whose lives you touch. You have an amazing gift and present it with humility and kindness. Thank you Anthony for easing my mind...I am amazed, astounded and thankful!!!”- Gayle 
I cannot thank you enough: this has given me so many answers and I understand it all. I have been writing to you for the past ten years and you have always been right , even when some things are hard to hear. I cannot explain how blessed I feel that I received this reading and so much respect and gratitude for your time. -Nakita

“Anthony's readings have changed my life!! Because of his guidance, I am here in my kitchen, sitting in front of my beautiful baby boy and the most wonderful partner I could ask for. I am so eternally grateful for his commitment to his clients and powerful insight. Recommend him highly!!” -Aline
"Anthony is a very gifted, authentic, humble and caring soul with a great big heart! With his spine-tingling insights and SPOT ON accuracy, he delivers his messages in great detail with sensitivity and kindness. With every message I am left with a powerful sense of comfort, peace, confidence and renewed purpose. He is truly a gift to this world. Thank you, Anthony!!"- Krysta
“Anthony I want to thank you so much for the beautiful past life reading. I wept when I read it. It touched me deep in my heart and stirred something deep in my soul. I appreciate the time you took for this very much. Many thanks and blessings to you.”  -Gwenn  
"Just wanting to offer up my profound gratitude. You probably speak to so many people that you do not remember me, but we talked back in October. Since then, everything you shared with me as a possibility for my reality has come true! It's been spectacular. Ever since our reading I have been passing you on to my clients and friends and my close sister circle. They too have all had profound readings. I can see the shift in them with immense Gratitude.” -Nina
“Wow Anthony, I am in awe at every word you wrote! This email reading is absolutely amazing. You've touched on exactly how things are with my relationship. Every line I read couldn't be truer. I can't be more grateful for this insightful reading. You truly have an incredible gift and I am glad you've been able to share it with me. Thank you so much! Take care and God bless! :)” - M
"Hi, Anthony.  I thoroughly enjoyed your reading.  Several parts touched me deeply and brought tears to my eyes.  I was overjoyed with the confirmations that you gave me.  You gave me much to think about, for which I am very grateful. You have much to offer others. You are very gifted and have put those gifts into many wonderful forms of service.   May you always walk in God's love and light." -Mary
"Thank you for a very honest and highly accurate reading about my current situation. It has given me a sense of freedom to start making some important changes and some tools to do it by. Thanks again. In Light and Love” Andrew
“I want to thank you for all your advice. I had emailed you regarding getting a teaching position and you said that I would get a teaching job, which I did. I also asked about whether my husband and I would ever have a child and you said in August we would conceive...and we conceived a baby boy that I finally carried full-term.” -Virginia 
“Dear Anthony, I was in tears when I read your extraordinary reading. Perhaps you might not fully realize the impact you have on others but problems can sometimes appear overwhelming and there does not appear to be any light. Almost every line in your reading struck me -either as a part memory which was triggered, or as a truth which when revealed resonated with my soul. It was a tremendous relief to hear these messages and I can only hope that you have some inkling of how much light and goodness you bring into people's lives. Thank you so very much.” -Su
"Anthony, your reading was spot-on and uncannily accurate in describing my recently-passed father. The images you saw and provided prove beyond a doubt that he is with us. I couldn't believe my eyes. You even mentioned the food we dropped on the floor last night at my mom's (his house), making a mess he apparently witnessed! It is so comforting to know he is with us still. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for sharing your gift with us..." Love Cheri
“Anthony, I want to tell you how very very grateful I am to have you as a mentor and guide. My life is now opening up like a tropical flower in a greenhouse. Every day, I am newly amazed at my good fortune. You rock!!! I recommend you to everyone I know. Peace and Light be with you always.” - Cindy
“Hi Anthony, I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful readings. You have totally blown me away with the details provided. Each time I sit and read them I am overcome with emotions. They are very deep and meaningful to me and I am positive I will be able to the find the inner peace and happiness I need.  I would also like to thank you for your personal thoughts and prayers for me.  You are truly an amazing person with a great gift.” -Kellie 
“Wow Anthony, I am in awe at every word you wrote! This email is absolutely amazing. You've touched on exactly how things are with my relationship. Every line I read couldn't be truer. I can't be more grateful for this insightful reading. You truly have an incredible gift and I’m glad you've been able to share it with me. Thank you so much! Take care and God bless! :)” -M
“I have been very fortunate to meet many special and extraordinary people, such as yoga gurus, mediation masters, famous healers, supernatural monks, psychics, self-development coaches, astrologers and yet Anthony stands out in a very unique way. I’ve been blessed to have been guided through some traumas, illness and major life changes...and it’s so hard to believe that one person can be so accurate each time with information that was purely sourced. Anthony is a rare diamond that cuts right to the specific details ...I feel this sincerely is from divine spirit. Anthony has been so amazingly accurate and yet so humble in the deliverance of his messages. Many blessings and gratitude to have connected with such a divinely inspired being.” -Helen Shakarah Poff - Bangkok Thailand; Intuitive / Wellbeing and Consciousness Coach/ Writer
“Anthony, I cannot thank you enough for the deeply insightful past life reading you gave me. I was moved as I read it, and it truly struck a resounding chord within me. I am forever changed by the experience and wish you much success and growth along your life path. I hope you continue to help heal many others with your gifts.” - Ramon  
“You have been very awesome at helping to guide me through my life. You predicted a full term birth in August after we had two painful miscarriages, In August we conceived our beautiful, happy, healthy boy. I feel confidant coming to you” - Cindy 
“I wanted to let you know how blessed I feel to have met you this year. Thank you for channeling insights to all of my questions. I thank you for sharing your talent and for sharing it so gently and respectfully.” – Georgia

“Dearest Anthony, I am writing you to let you know how much I appreciate you reading for me. So far, out of the four questions that I asked three already happened.  Truly Anthony, thank you for sharing your gift with all of us; you make a lot of people lives hopeful and show us that life is beautiful.” - Betty Lu
If you have lingering thoughts or questions about your life, I can-not recommend more highly having Anthony connect you to Spirit for a reading. I personally do not make any major decisions anymore without Spirit's input via Anthony. My life is greatly enhanced and has never been the same. Blessings to all.” –John
“I just wanted to tell you that for the past year I did not believe what you told me in my reading. It was very descriptive and now it has come to fruition.  I wanted to thank you because I was skeptical. So I wanted to tell you YES, it has come true Thanks so much!”  -Maria
“Once again I want to thank you so much for helping me to navigate my path in this life. It's been a true blessing to work with you on my life journey here. Great understanding and peace has come into my life from your ability to deliver messages from Spirit. That I am very grateful for. Thank you again for all the readings you have done for me. God Bless.” –Elizabeth
You are AMAZING and have helped me so much - I am a different person than I was a year ago when I had my first reading - Blessings to you!” -Pamela
“Thank you so much for such a great reading! You went beyond my expectations with this reading and I am full of happiness now!” – Chris
“Thanks so much for the amazing reading! You are truly gifted. Spot on---and this really helped me to get better perspective :)” -Whitney 
“I got a reading with Anthony and everything he said was spot on. He gave me much more information than I hoped for and not to mention very specific details that I needed. I found it very inspiring and it has given me confidence to push ahead with my plans. You can't put a price on the peace of mind this reading has given me. I'm very very happy and will be back again.” -Cathy :)
“Most insightful compassionate reading EVER. He's an angel sent to give us hope.” -Pammy527
“Have had many readings -Never one on-line. This Guy's is "The Best!" -Pancanfly2
“Anthony I want to thank you so much for the beautiful past life reading. I wept when I read it. It touched me deep in my heart and stirred something deep in my soul. I appreciate the time you took for this very much. Many thanks and blessing to you.”  -Gwenn  
“I am a repeat client of Anthony’s and I highly recommend him! He is warm and kind, gives specific guidance that resonates as truth…definitely comes from a positive and encouraging place and has a good heart. Always very clear and specific with his information. I will continue to check in with him in the future. A wonderful reader! Thank you again Anthony!” -E

“Anthony, I honor your level of connection to Spirit and the complete integrity in how you use it - the world needs more people like you.”
- Bruce Gordon Bangkok. 
“Amazing! So gifted! He knew details I couldn't imagine!” – Mackie
“Wow, thanks for the reading. I have found for once a genuine reader. There are so many who aren't” -Susan
“My name is Sasheen. I am a young mother of five beautiful children. My youngest son passed away April 17, 2008 at 4 1/2 months old. It was the most difficult time of our lives. Amazingly we were able to pull back together and not let go. I owe it all to this one reading I had with Anthony! I couldn't believe it when I read what he had to say in the email reading…I was blown away! I didn't even tell him anything about our son but he nailed it on everything. He prayed for me to get closure from this and I did! It didn't seem at all possible at first of course, but after only a few days I was able to eat, sleep and think properly. I was a peace knowing my son is ok and that it's still okay to talk to him and know that he's around to hug and kiss me. And most of all he got what he was looking for in this life from us! I'm so grateful to have been so blessed. I now have a new look at life and more...through our darkness we found the light in the end...We made it!!!!” –Sasheen
“I would like to thank you so much for my reading. I was deeply touched when I read it and all my cells remembered events and feelings. At the same time I experienced a great happiness and release. Everything is very accurate your gift is such a blessing” - Love and light from Vicki
You truly have a gift. I am grateful that our paths have crossed. Your reading has given me hope and inspiration. I have recommended you to many others and will continue to do so.” - Merissa
“Wow, you are truly gifted and definitely for real! I always hold a little skepticism for someone I find on the internet without a referral but wow, wow, wow! I can't believe you picked up on the "addition to the family" as I'm almost 4 months pregnant right now. Your reading was so insightful, so detailed and really enlightening. I will definitely come to you again in the near future.” –Rhea
“You have made a huge impact on my life.  I have waited a very long time to find this spiritual guidance and inner light.” - Tina Ann

“I just wanted to let you know that I'm so blown-away by the accuracy of your reading. Even today, I'm still experiencing the effect. I truly appreciate what you’re doing for humanity. May God shower you and your family with more blessings each and every day. I have recommended you to a lot of people already and I will continue to do so.” –Abigail
“Thank you for your time, patience, and deep kindness. I feel like I got a transmission of your energy through my email reading. As if you've infused the words you channeled from spirit, with some absorptive energy, too, like sunlight sends energy, like moving water sends energy. Thank you!” –Julia
Fantastic!! Truly amazing! I've been to John Edward, and this was more than equal to that!!” –Maryellen
I was so impressed with this reading! Brilliant, Uplifting. Great website”! -Pam
“Very gifted, very kind spirit! Both articulate and accurate. Thank you truly!” -Almondrec

“Your reading is like WOW!! You are incredible Anthony!!! Thank you so very, very much. I will highly recommend you. You are a true gift to the world.”
- Cindy
“Dear Anthony, I wanted to send you a big thanks for your reading -and for all the past readings as well.  I am just amazed by how you manage to pinpoint exactly what it is I'm searching for -even when I don't specifically know myself. The changes I get from your readings are so profound in me. Thank you very very much Anthony for pursuing your great talents and for wanting to help others; your kind dedication makes a positive impact -not just in the people you help, but in the entire universe. I feel so lucky to have crossed paths with you. Your reading was once again, nothing short of phenomenal! - Abbey  
With your reading I've somehow gotten more in touch with my inner self…and peace inside.  THANK YOU so much!” -Christine Russel
“VERY GIFTED, Honest, Caring Soul. HIGHLY RECOMMEND – Willowwise
“Absolutely spine chillingly wonderful. I will definitely come back for more!” –Kelnsam
“Wow. Amazingly accurate/helpful. Money well spent! “ -Bflysky
“FIVE STARS, This guy is the real thing and I don't say that very often…THANKS!” –Bob
“Wow, thank you sooooo much - very accurate and meaningful highly recommend!” –Cypressjump
“Absolutely fantastic, genuine, honest and very helpful. Thank you very much!”  -Shannon
Thank you for a very honest and highly accurate reading of my current situation. It has given me a sense of freedom to start making some important changes and some tools to do it by.” -In Light and Love Andrew
“He is that good! The most down to earth angel I have ever met! You will love him! -Tina Ann
“Wow! Blew me away! Sooo accurate thank you so much Anthony!” –theaterdarling
“Warm, compassionate, and very honest. I can't thank you enough. Will be back!” –Jereldeen
“Absolutely Remarkable! So Kind & Genuine. Words cannot describe how good he is.” -TA
“Mere words can't describe how good Anthony is. Truly the best!! A relative came through with a clear description, and everything was 100%. You are absolutely amazing!! -Jereldeen 
“Very thorough and accurate reading by a very kind man that has good clarity. Thank you!”-Girlshop
“You are simply the best and I'm so thankful for all your amazing insights!” –Reggie
“Gave helpful detailed info. Best readings very honest and accurate. WILL USE AGAIN!!! -Anncorscom
“Reading was detailed, thought-provoking, and clarified some things. Recommended!” -Mike
Thank you very much for your reading. I will say, going in I was skeptical -but after reading what you have provided I can honestly say I’m a believer!” –Gerry
“Very detailed, Great follow up, Anthony is for real, HIGHLY Recommend services.” -Destiny seeker
“He is amazing and a true psychic…Great reading!! Been to others he is the best!” –Pferret
“Anthony has given me and my family most accurate readings; His readings are the most accurate I've ever had and to the point- no beating around the bush here.” –Monique
“Fantastic reading, clear and honest, highly recommend you to others!” -Tashia65
A very unique, inspired way of reading into one's past life energy. Recommended!” –DC
“This work has brought tears to my eyes and gives me a great deal of hope.” -Abbey

Many Many Heartfelt thanks to you!!!! Very Genuine psychic!!!!” –Innosense
“Fascinating, insightful, thought provoking just AMAZING!” -123lid
“Thorough and compassionate reading by a gifted gentleman. Recommended!” -Canger
“An honest, sincere and calm, spiritual reading with specific predictions” –Trqblue
“Truly gifted individual - definitely worth visiting again & again!” -Reepin55
“Absolutely lovely past life reading! Extremely interesting! Highly recommended!” -Disturbedal
“Excellent reader with specific predictions and guidance…thank you very much!!!” -Gradh
“You were spot on…thank you!!” -Xtina
“I will always keep coming back…You are the best!” -Sweetgeena
“Great reader and source of Spirit!” -TY-centara
“Very sincere and insightful! THANKS SO MUCH!” –Ehxanimo
“Must Try! Reading was excellent and very helpful. Thank You! -Suzy1006
“Beautiful and inspiring reading!” -Bellavistarn
“Another wonderful & inspirational reading. Cannot recommend highly enough!” -123lid
“Reading was for a friend who was blown away who now feels reassured of her feelings A+!” -Diat
“I have never had such an accurate reading!” -Cozycampfire
“An amazing reading that has really helped me a great deal! Thanks!”
“Totally amazing! 100% accurate -thank you!” -Wilkiegirls12
“Kind soul whose purpose is to help and give guidance- thank you for my reading!” -Tranquilejane
“Thank you greatly! The answers to my questions were very valuable, helpful, and insightful.” -Patrik
“Thank you so much for my reading. I was so amazed at how accurate you were without ever even meeting me!” -Jen
“I believe that the thing people want more than anything else is peace. Your kind approach in combination with your direct, clear and insightful readings have and continue to give me comfort and peace. You are a gift in my life and a gift to this world…thank you!” -ELD